Digital Asthma


Digital Asthma


To extend variety of Digital Medicine, my current experiment plans to discover the richness of this concept.  Speculating a future where people suffer from over usage of the digital devices and the Internet. When not being able to access these apparatuses to satisfy their needs “Digital Asthma” occurs and alternative interaction is needed. Patients who suffer from Digital Asthma are similar to people who suffer from the real Asthma but taking place in the Object Mind. When people have asthma, normal way of breathing doesn’t work. Digital Asthma suggest an alternative way of interacting with the interface.

Wish Dispenser

Wish Dispenser is a type of spiritual supply other than text, sound and visual entertainment. It’s your digital soul food provided by friends and families in your life. It’s a system combining  physical journey with virtual interaction to value and weight the once airy wishes and human existence.

Activity Calculator

An Activity Calculator transfers actions into unexpected results. By assigning activities to each key, users can transfer any kind of input into any kind of output. The experiment allows users to gain most control in the interaction for various results.

Diagnosis 8

Diagnosis 8 is a process-orientated interaction design. The interaction is a therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder.  Diagnosis 8 focuses on the process instead of an outcome. The application diagnoses patient’s symptom and generates appropriate among of digital medicine for the therapy.


Prototype DSC-X Raylationship