Process-based Interaction V.01

Process-based Interaction

In interface design, interaction designers tend to ignore the process due to user friendly and efficiency matters, jumping from a start to an end when performing certain tasks. Despite of industry preferred simplicity design method; process-based interaction is an alternative design methodology that embraces the complexity in the missing process. The interaction can take place in any virtual-to-virtual, virtual-to-physical interaction or any other combinations. It can also be a human-computer, a machine-to-machine or an interaction between one and one’s inner self. Unlike any type of digital interaction, it is a physical, virtual or even psychological journey that is not about performing certain functions to achieve specific tasks.  The process could be an infinite loop where there is neither a clear start nor a definite end while interaction repeats itself. The purpose of process-based interaction is beyond featurism. It is a different way of thinking interaction for a future scenario when it is no longer about promoting sales but a process that provokes meaningful thoughts.


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