Statement of Intent / V.03

In the age of Internet of Things, objects are in a point in time where their ability transcends beyond their given purpose. It has evolved into new species that co-exists in the human ecology. However, from an anthropological perspective, there are only a few “races” that exist. This sales-driven industry narrows its evolution toward a similar path. Corporations repeatedly promote trivial improvements for similar functions as a sales approach. This motive defers its advancement to favor human interests and profits. Another critical issue is the abuse of Human-Centered Design. It is one of the reasons we produce numerous me-too products. My area of interest is to discover new design directions, to invert the idea of a business-driven usage by repositioning its social orientation, discovering alternative purposes, and experimenting with functions that don’t follow the Human-Center Design rules in order to create a broaden biodiversity of its kind.
Most consumer electronics have the same function and purpose as they were first invented. The development remains unchanged. To exanimate the entire spectrum of the consumer electronics ecosystem, results lead me to the inquiries as follows: “What new directions in design can we discover by inverting Human-Centered Design?”, “What is in between the borders of Human-Centered Design and Device-Centered Design?”, “What metamorphosis of human behavior will generate alternative uses for consumer electronics?”, “How might camera see the invisible social connections instead of photos?”, “What other elements contain patterns that we can listen to through a music player?”, “What uncountable elements can a calculator compute?”.
Coming from a background of GUI, UI, IA and UX design in the field of consumer electronics, I am obsessed with new electronics, gadgets, mobile appliances, their applications and interfaces. It further leads my interests in the relationship and emotions between human and consumer electronics, the consumer electronics’ orientation in human society, human-computer interaction and behavior changes influenced by the affordances.


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